Monday, July 6, 2009

Buy a Djinn on ebay. Unbeliavable ebay guide reviews Djinn as a merchandise!

I was astonished to come across this unbelievable ebay guide that presented and reviewed Djinn (jnoun,spiritual beings aka ghosts) as a mere merchandise, the article writer says he bought many djinns and that they're changing his life,..
This is not all !! a quick search on ebay, showed that many people were selling captive djinns, haunted wishing rings, and more, ..
I am totally astonished, I don't know what is going on out there on ebay, and wether people are actually buying this bullshit or not, I prefer to leave commenting this for you.


fatima said...


It says

Why should I care about them? Isnt it supposed that THEY care about ME?

Djinn exists, but I dunno if they would accept to live as slaves, I think they prefer to make your life a misery :D

Btw Islam, it says in the top of your blog that you're an evangelist?
What does it mean? (i.e christian??)

kindyroot said...

Hi Fatima,
Not at all! a free software evangelist is someone that "preaches" free software :D, as in "free software is good, proprietary is evil" xD has nothing to do with religions :)