Monday, July 6, 2009

95% of the traffic that comes to this blog is generated by a single post!

My stats indicate that 95% of total traffic that comes to this blog is generated by the sole old post that resolves a MySQL install issue (see history), so how did that happen? that was spontaneous, I had found a solution to a common problem that hundreds of people were experiencing every day, I published the solution on my blog, and posted links to it on the MySQL official forums and on a few other places on the Internet. Direct result to this action: a massive rush to my website from those unique places, to the point that I even added a link bellow the article to my cat food recipes blog, and that I generate a fair amount of daily clics from there!
Unfortunately, techy floks like you don't clic on adsense ads, otherwise I may have become a richer man, but the quality of my content allows me to build interest on other good websites of mine, and this is a nice thing too.
Now a question to you! what if you had a non-techy blog or website, and if ALL your posts/articles were benefiting from a similar targetted rush? how much money would you be earning monthly? I am not questionning your ambition, but I'm just trying to inspire you of some amazing ways for your website to get noticed, more on that is to come, hold on ;)

In case you'd like to discover my other dog food recipes blog, it goes here.


Anonymous said...

and u know what that single useful thing isnt really useful. IT DOESNT WORK, the uninstaller removes the registry entry.

kindyroot said...

Maybe it depends on the version you're running, it's been a long time I didn't touch this, but I guarantee it worked for me and I also seen it worked for so many other people!
Good luck :)