Monday, April 6, 2009

Ultimate SEO memo!

The internet is sure full of SEO (search engine optimisation) websites where you can get valuable information from, but if you ever wanted a working plan to get started out, the following is likely to help you, .. I originally had written this as a brainstorming, but I finally thought it would help you too, so here's the plan to build a successful website from scratch:

1 - Pick a good website template/design/engine.
2 - Write good to extremely good and original content.
3 - Optimise your website for indexation by the search engines according to your keywords.
4 - submit your website in the major directories and listings.
5 - Buzz about your website in the online communities and in the blog comments.
6 - Include your URL in your signature for any forum where you go.
7 - Have some popular blogs publish reviews about your website (IRC channels can help with that).
8 - Have some people exchange links with you, and if possible see if they can give you one way links.
9 - Evolve the content of the website in two directions:
9 - 1 - Main business keywords (long term reward).
9 - 2 - Long tail keywords (short run reward, fast reach, and long term build-up).
10 - Promote conversion and enhance monetization.
11 - Have some real word activities/ads or advertise on other websites.
12 - Give it some time ;)

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