Saturday, October 11, 2008

System crash causes new release of Adaptube to be delayed.

Not exactly a crash but there are no words to describe the horrible action of installing (by error) the GNU/Linux distribution (Elive) on top of my main Free BSD system, i have done that by selecting the wrong partition as an installation target for Elive.
The direct consequence of this accident is the delay to release the next stable release of the Adaptube guitar amplifier simulator, having lost the latest sources, i will have to work out the changes from the ground up (based on the previous version), this will take some time before a new package can be seen in the sourceforge page of the project.
Anyway, the learned lesson is: NEVER make several partitions of the same size!! when every thing else fails, the size of a partition can be the only reliable indicator of its identity, ... there is nothing worse than losing dozens (hundreds?) of hours of work in a no-time because of a small mistake.

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