Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to set up sound in Debian

You are so many to have had the bad surprise of getting no sound after your fresh Debian Installation, when you search the net you find many topics in the forums that are mostly answered anyhow or to fit a particular situation, so here is the general case and all what you should do to have your machine wonderfully play sound:
- The FIRST thing is to install ALSA, as root type:
apt-get install alsa-base
apt-get install alsa-utils
then you run alsaconf
alsaconf will guide you through the process of setting up your audio configuration.
after that you need to add yourself to the "audio" user group by doing:
adduser your_name audio
then you need to modify the access rights to /dev/dsp to be able to use it,
still as root you do:
chmod o-w /dev/dsp
chmod o-w /dev/mixer
Now you should install an audio player and run it, there are many good players out there such as vlc, xmms, mplayer, xine, noatun, totem, ...etc
apt-get any of them and plug your favourite CD ;)
I hope this helps, feel free to modify this document and post it anywhere with no restrictions.


Antonie said...

thanks. Worked for me !


kindyroot said...

You're welcome :)