Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NFO for Facebook News Feed Optimization: get the facts straight!

Did you ever wonder why some facebook users shares received huge popularity among the facebook community while others users shares (yours?) received very little or no attention at all?

This is where something called the "Edgerank" comes to play a huge role in what is starting to be called "facebook news feed optimization"!
In this article you will learn some key factors that the facebook engine uses to attribute importance and authority to the users shares.

Basically what the Edgerank is all about, is a method that facebook uses to determine your authority by calculating a factor based on your number of shares that received good amounts of "likes", "reshares", and comments in the past, Vs the total number of shares, besides afinity to the friends to which the shares should be made visible, plus a time decay factor and a few more small indicators.

Facebook needs to know if your share is likely to be important to the other friends or not, and the good news is that you can do something about that! Welcome to the world of facebook newsfeed optimization ;)
The first thing to do to optimize your profile or page NFO-wise is to start initiating interactions with your friends/fans that they are likely to be responding to (quality content shares, polls, questions, personal messages .. etc).
Second thing is to look after your share frequency Vs. quality! if you share stuff of little importance too often, your shares get less attention by facebook and you lose authority.
One more thing you can do is to give incentives to your audience to take positive actions, such as asking your close friends to like your links and share them, or running a fan-only contest, .. you can also mass message your friends or members of your group and ask them directly to like your stuff ..

This post is based on the very little information that is available today on facebook news feed optimization and the Edgerank algorithme, I hope you found some of it useful, if I happen to uncover any new facts I will comeback to this page and post it here, so if you can keep a link back to me in your blog, it will help me spread the word more easily!


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