Thursday, November 26, 2009

Electric guitar pickups design guidelines disclosed online

Electric guitars pickups is one of those "mystery" areas in the guitar technology world where not many things are known, the secret seems to have been well guarded for a so long time.
But guess what? not anymore! personal experimentation (guitar pickups building) and knowledge exchange with other (few) amateurs has led to a fair amount of information to be gathered.
This information has just been uncovered by an article of mine that I have just made online! the article is a compilation of the most influential electric guitar pickup design factors on the tone of the pickups that I personnally know.
Heres a link for my guitar pickups design bible.


Eddy said...


The site seems to be down. Any chance of re-uploading it somewhere else. I'm interested to see how I should make my guitar pickup.


Iojan said...

I'm interested too! Can yo sendme the article?


kindyroot said...

Yes I lost the site, I am looking for personal backups, I hope I still have it, I will put it back online soon, thanks for your interest :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i did a science fair project where your pickup guide really helped me. thanks

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