Tuesday, April 7, 2009

web based point of sale system using mysql

Maybe this title doesn't tell a lot to you, but surprisingly according to wordtracker at least 23 people every day are searching for this exact text (" web based point of sale system using mysql "), even more surprisingly NO RESULTS in google were relevant to this search!! (until this post was written) , anyway if you are one of those people who search a web based point of sale that uses MySQL (and were led here by a search engine), first thing I want to tell you is that is NOT AN EFFICIENT WAY to search for that, you could at least say "point of sale php" (3,490,000 results in google!), since we already know that more than 90% of available php applications are written for MySQL ..
This time I will satisfy your need for a point of sale to 100%!! since I have a killer opensource app for you! so check this out: http://www.phppointofsale.com/
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