Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hoax slayer true e-mails wonderful section.

In a response to increasingly annoying scam e-mails since the early 2000's, a website has been especially designed to help people find out whether the e-mails they receive are scam or real information, and if the e-mail that you received is not listed in the hoax-slayer website you have the ability to submit it for an extensive review.
However, some of the received e-mails may have scam properties and appearance but may sometimes hold actual true information, a very interesting section of the website has been put in place to hold links to these e-mails.
Then why am I bothering you with that? well, the fact is that this true e-mails section contains some of the most wonderful stories that I have ever heard of in my life! (so wonderful that people doubted it was true!), I suggest that you immediately take a look there :)

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