Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Google's 2009 April the 1'st Hoaxes :)

As they traditionally do every year, Google releases quite natural-sounding and almost believable hoaxes, one of the most popular Google April hoax was in 2007 when they claimed Google would offer free and high speed internet connectivity through the toilet pipes network xD.

To find a listing of this year's Google hoaxes you can check this amazing Wikipedia article,

It is also to mention that Google's marketing wants to include every year real new projects/products with the hoaxes so that people think they are hoaxes and spread the word and then be surprised that Google will actually do it! one of the most remarkable announcements of this kind was the release of gmail in 2004, shortly before midnight on March 31, 2004, Google announced[14] the launch of Gmail. Many people believed it was a hoax, because free web-based e-mail with one gigabyte of storage was unheard of at the time, in 2005 Google even increased the storage to 2Gb.

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