Wednesday, April 22, 2009

can i register a domain name myself ?

Whether you can register your own domain name yourself or not is a very popular question that keeps coming back again and again, so I decided to put some light into it ..

If you want a quick answer then NO, you MUST go through a "domain registrar", domain names are universal, then one can't just go register anything anywhere, this means that domain names management is centralized in the ICANN (Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers), ..

Some companies will be allowed by ICANN to sell domains to you, these companies will have to sign the Registrar Acreditation Agreement, other (smaller) companies will register a domain for you via an accredited registrar and resell it to you, that means to charge you extra fees.

The ICANN is a non-profit organization with members from all over the world and its main purpose is to keep the Internet secure and stable for everyone.

Although the ICANN doesn't make any profits from this business, The management of heavy loads of domain names induces considerable costs. For this reason, registration fees are due, this means your Internet registrar doesn't take all the money you pay them for themselves, they only earn a portion of it and give the rest away to the ICANN.

So all in all, you cannot register your own domain name yourself! I hope this helps.

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