Monday, March 23, 2009

Host your website in your own machine with

Most of you techy folks know that anyone can host their own web server in their bedroom, given that the machine stays up most of the time (or never goes down at all), the only annoying part about it is that most of us poor ISP customers only have a dynamically attributed IP adress that changes at every single connection, it is less than practical to bind such an IP to a domain name!
The PERFECT solution for that is to use the no-ip service from , this allows you to have an address that looks like: or or whatever, you only need to install a small utility that connects to DNS server and updates your IP address every time it changes :)
The service is offered in a free of charge formula and a premium (paid for) one, I use the free offer some time now with no problems at all, and I benefit from the huge advantage of having TOTAL control over my machine, I can install whatever software I want, i can have Giga Bytes of data, I can share my multimedia files, I can stream audio if I want, I can install just as many databases as I want, I can even share load with my second computer, .. If you want no limits, gotta go with no-ip!

PS: This is not an advertisement! I am just a regular user of this service and I have no professional Links with, this is just a way to thank this company for their generosity and to share the opportunity with you.


Anonymous said...

i have juste install it and have mo own server don't forgot to make a french lessons I don't khwow where I lost my english Continue

kindyroot said...

Hey salut :) ravi que ça aie marché pour vous, j'ai effectivement un autre blog en français! voilà l'adresse: