Saturday, March 28, 2009

FreeBSD emmerging as the ultimate platform for building clusters!

As popular Linux based clustering solutions such as OpenMosix and others have officially closed and ceased development, the FreeBSD operating system emerges more than any time before as the ultimate platform for building powerful and effective kernel level production clusters.
Clustering multiple computers is putting them to work in parallel through a network (usually a LAN)as a one big computer, in most high demand server applications clustering can be a very cost effective alternative to buying expensive large servers and mainframes.
The only Linux based solutions available today (such as PVM and MPICH2 are user-level and have a too heavy overhead, some people even write their own application-specific clustering software for Linux to avoid that, while this can be a very enriching educational experience, this is not productive at all, except for real large and specific applications, for instance Google is known to have traditionally clustered a large number of Linux entry-level servers in this fashion.
To avoid all trouble, more and more people use alternative OS's to Linux such as FreeBSD, installation is quite simple, and performance is fantastic, this tutorial can give you useful instructions on how to build such a cluster in FreeBSD, ... If you would prefer to see a video on how things work, i suggest you watch to following:

To do build the same cluster as described in this video please follow this link.

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